Understanding the past. Interpreting the present. Shaping the future.  


  1. To understand impact of Architecture in shaping a society. 
  2. To create self-learning, self-reliant & self-driven Architects who understand the importance of sustainable development and who can make a difference, through their design praxis.  
  3. To give an equal opportunity to everyone to excel in the desired field and have a holistic development. 



  1. To focus on the Holistic Understanding of the Habitat needs of all sections of society.  
  2. To create diverse skill-based learning ecology that builds on the principles of learner-centric, collaborative, technology-driven ideology for empowerment of individuals as multifaceted individuals, who will contribute to the varied needs of the sustainable societal build up. 
  3. To focus on generating individuals, architects & designers with a drive to launch independent business or practice within the industry with the emphasis on excellence and professionalism. 
  4. To build individuals as lifelong learners by inculcating research as a way of life in learning ecology of the institute 



  1. To create an understanding of Humane and Sustainable development through the study of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Environmental characteristics. 
  2. To create architects and designers equipped with diverse skill sets that are not only part of syllabus but also the others that are relevant to the field. 
  3. To create professionals with multi-disciplinary approach to design and practice. 
  4. To integrate research and practice in pedagogy. To sow the seeds of praxis i.e., academics and practice in pedagogy.