POs and COs of the Institute

Programme Outcomes (POs)
Sr NoProgrammeProgramme CodeProgramme Outcomes (Pos)

B. Arch (Architecture)

Architecture Design

Basic Design

Interior Design

Landscape Design

Urban Design


At the end of the programme students will have:

PO1: Sensitivity to Humane and sustainable development:

Holistic understanding of the environment & Habitat needs of all sections of society.

PO2: Essential Knowledge Base of craft, culture and technology of the discipline:

Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the discipline, the ability to engage with different ideologies and to apply this knowledge in practice.

PO3: Creative and critical thinking and problem-solving abilities:

Design thinking as a problem-solving act that focuses on user needs. Empathetic outlook towards people and environment to develop design ideas.

PO4: Individual & Teamwork communication skills:

Function effectively as an individual or in a team; be the leaders or contribute as members to generate ideas and communicate with different audiences.

PO5: Digital Competency:

Readiness for working and living in a digitally progressive society.

PO6: leadership Readiness & Professionalism:

A potential to be entrepreneur or establish design practice by taking leadership roles and by professional behaviour in their chosen field.

PO7: Intercultural and ethical competency:

A commitment to professional ethics, responsibilities, and norms of professional practice.

PO8: Social responsibility:

Learned to think globally and act locally. A responsibility towards local and global communities in attaining sustainable society including gender parity and other social issues to promote an equitable society.

2M. Arch (Project Management)MPM
Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
B. Arch PSOs

At the end of the programme B. Arch students will have:

PSO1: The ability to apply design principles to arrive at architectural solutions at all scales of the built form, develop it for construction and build it.

PSO2: Leadership qualities with effective communication skills along with strong professional and ethical values.

PSO3: Entrepreneurship qualities to innovate and create design solutions to make a difference in society.

M. Arch PSOs

At the end of the programme M. Arch students will have:

PSO1: Understanding of the fundamental concepts of Project Management and helping them in developing strategies for implementation of Construction Projects.

PSO2: Enhancing research capabilities to enrich domain knowledge through innovative approaches.

PSO3: Improvise their capacity to assess the effectiveness of construction projects and procedures.

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