Vision of the IQAC 

“To nurture and assure a quality culture directed at overall excellence of the institution by advocating originality, inducing sustainability, promoting inclusivity and facilitating all-round growth of the students.” 

Mission of the IQAC 

“To focus and organize the efforts and course of action of the institution towards academic excellence.” 

“To be the guiding force to enhance administrative quality and eradicate deficiencies” 

Goals of the IQAC 

To develop quality methods/ techniques for systematic, steady, and stimulative programmed action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the College. 

To lead the institute towards quality enhancement through globalized quality culture and institutionalized best practices. 


  1. To function as an agent to bring in change in the Institution. 
  2. To organize quality related activities and to propagate knowledge of best practices amongst the faculty using various activities and programmes such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and panel discussions  
  3. To examine the relevance and quality of current academic programs and initiate new courses and programmes.  
  4. To conduct documentation of all curricular/ co-curricular/ extracurricular activities on campus. 
  5. To coordinate and improve internal communication to facilitate greater policy implementation and quality assurance towards its primary stakeholders.  
  6. To promote awareness of global educational strategies. 



  1. The IQAC consistently works for catalytic improvement and consciously contributes towards the overall excellence of the institution  
  2. Sustain and enhance the quality measures laid down and upgraded by the institution since its inception in the year 2014 
  3. Encourage the academic environment for promotion of quality of teaching-learning and research 
  4. Promote quality-related research studies, and training programmes. 
  5. Encourage self-evaluation and accountability 
  6. Arrange periodic meetings to review progress.